CAPP is the best for birthdays

CAPP is the only field in Alabama that features an indoor, heated/air conditioned party facility! Featuring:

  • A private room for serving food and beverages
  • Satellite TV
  • Indoor Bathrooms

Private Play, Day or Night!

With a minimum of 10 players and at least 48 hours notice, we will dedicate a private referee to your group! They will assist with all aspects of your stay, from running games and refilling guns to grabbing drinks. Not only are our refs professionally trained in all aspects of the game, but they are also experts of customer service! Rest assured, any need you have will be met to the absolute best of our ability during your stay at Central Alabama Paintball!

Low Impact Paintball- Great for kids as young as 6!

CAPP specializes in .50 Caliber "Low Impact" paintball! These paintballs are 2/3 the size and weight of a standard paintball, resulting in a much less painful impact. The balls travel just as far and just as fast, but with the decreased impact force we can open play up to many players that will LOVE the game! *Learn more here*