Enjoy a Private Birthday Party at CAPP any time!

Day or night, weekday or weekend, we will cater to your busy schedule

During Regular Hours

  • Your group reservation guarantees equipment available for up to 2 hours, during which you will be supervised by our trained, service oriented Safety Hosts who will ensure your safety and comfort in all aspects throughout your stay. While you’re playing you will have a table assigned for all of your equipment and belongings- a central “Home Base” for your group throughout your stay.
  • If you choose, your play time may be immediately followed by an optional hour in our well equipped, air conditioned, 132 square foot indoor party room at no additional cost! This space features 2 6 foot picnic tables for seating and an 8 foot serving table. You can feel free to bring table cloths, wall decorations, and any food or drink you like! Want to cook your own food? Take advantage of our 3 outdoor charcoal grills!

*Celebrating with a large group of 20 or more? Consider our Outside Hours option- you’ll enjoy the extra space!

Outside Regular Hours

When you come outside our regular hours you’ll get to enjoy all of the amenities offered during our regular hours and MORE- Your group will have our entire facility at their disposal! You’ll still have dedicated, service oriented Safety Hosts assigned to your groups needs, but in addition to the party room you can sprawl out into our main check in area as well- a great perk that grants you a spacious total of over 800 square fee of indoor, air conditioned space with 2 restrooms and a water fountain to celebrate! Need tables and chairs? No problem, we’ve more than enough! Want to make a big event happen? We have catering partners, live music capabilities, anything you could imagine and more! Just let us know what you’ll need to be comfortable and our team will have it set up and ready for your arrival.

Please note: Play is restricted to our 2 lighted fields after dark.

*Celebrating with a large group of 20 or more? Consider our Outside Hours option- you’ll enjoy the extra space!*


Package Options:

Put down a $100 deposit for the Silver Package OR Pre-Pay and SAVE on the Gold and Platinum- Choose whats best for you! Every package includes all necessary rental equipment and an optional chest protector!

Add an extra hour of unlimited climbs on CAPP Mountain for only $99.99+tax- Just select the add-on when booking!

Silver Packages:

  • Up To 10 Players: 2000 Paintballs, $299.99
  • Up To 15 Players: 3000 Paintballs, $449.99
  • Up To 20 Players: 4000 Paintballs, $599.99
  • 21+ Players: 200 Paintballs/player, $29.99 each

Gold Packages:
includes 1 T-Shirt and Customized "dog-tag" for the guest of honor

  • Up To 10 Players: 3000 Paintballs, $339.99
  • Up To 15 Players: 4500 Paintballs, $509.99
  • Up To 20 Players: 6000 Paintballs, $679.99
  • 21+ Players: 300 Paintballs/player, $33.99 each

Platinum Packages: includes 1 T-Shirt for Guest of Honor, 1 Drink per player, customized "dog-tag" for each player, and 1 paint grenade.

  • Up To 10 Players: 5,000 Paintballs, $419.99
  • Up To 15 Players: 7,500 Paintballs, $629.99
  • Up To 20 Players: 10,000 Paintballs, $839.99
  • 21+ Players: 500 Paintballs/player, $41.99 each
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