Raise money with CAPP Tickets!


CAPP Admission Passes

We love giving back to the community, so we give certain organizations opportunities to sell our tickets! These passes are valid for admission and rental equipment, but do not include paintballs or air (which are purchased by the user when they come at a cost of $27.50/player+tax). This can result in up to a 50% discount from the standard price! Non-Profit groups, please reach out to us about donations- we want to help you reach your goals in any way that we can!

How does it work?

Step 1: Set a fundraising goal. This will make it easy to set your price for the ticket sales- We advise a selling price between $3-$10 per ticket, depending on how you package them.
Step 2: Contact us to buy your tickets, or if you're a non-profit inquire about donations!
Step 3: Sell as many as possible! When you buy your tickets we will give you an information sheet that shows all of the additional costs the user will incur, that way you can provide your customers with all of the necessary information. All we ask is that you record each ticket sale with the buyers name and phone number, that way we can follow up and provide any necessary assistance with the booking process.

Give us a call at 205-837-4177 if you have any questions!