Meet your fundraising goals and have fun doing it!

Fundraising with CAPP is effective AND easy to arrange-

We are happy to support our community in any way possible, and our fundraising opportunities are just one example of that! CAPP is happy to donate admission tickets to any worthy cause- sports teams, youth groups, charity auctions, you name it! The best part is, you keep 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales! Want to go the extra mile? Arrange a pre-determined date for your tickets to be used and CAPP will donate 10% of the funds from your groups guests! This is a great way to not only generate revenue, but to bond with your supporters!

Ticket holders are granted admission and use of rental equipment for one participant with each ticket, then on site they buy paintballs and air. When compared with the Standard Rental Package, by the time they get the same amount of ammo, guests are saving over $20/player! Not only are they taking advantage of a huge savings, but these guests are supporting a cause near and dear to them- YOURS! Call us today at 205-837-4177 with questions or concerns, or simply submit an electronic inquiry through the link below!