Central Alabama Paintball Park was designed with the player in mind!

At Central Alabama Paintball Park we knew that in order to provide the best facility that we needed to start from scratch!
Constructed from a completely blank lot of land in the fall/winter of 2012, CAPP is the product of much thought, planning, and hard work. With most other fields, someone finds some cheap, wooded land in the middle of nowhere and decides to make it a paintball field. With our facility, there were a many considerations in mind including safety, convenience, variety, and comfort.
At Central Alabama Paintball Park you will find that our facility is very safe and secure.

  • All of our fields are surrounded with mesh netting on four sides to prevent paintballs from going astray, making all playing areas totally spectator friendly.
  • All of our fields are covered in grass, making for a safe playing area.
  • All of the common areas, parking, and drive way are covered and compacted with gravel to make sure you don’t have any trouble getting to our shop or getting around from field to field while you are here.

On the subject of convenience, we are located directly on Highway 31 South- So there is no need to drive over the river and through the woods to find our facility!

We partner with area businesses to provide you with any and all necessities for your outing- from food and drinks to live entertainment- making planning your event easy and worry free!There are a total of five playing fields here at Central Alabama Paintball Park including 2 fields lighted for night play, as well as a Shooting Gallery. 

In addition to the fields, we worked hard to make our facility family friendly, comfortable and convenient for everybody.  We have amenities including a large heated and cooled building that houses our shop, indoor staging area, two restrooms, 3 water fountains, a misting station, Private indoor party room, Wi-Fi, and satellite television. Surrounding the building is a large covered deck to keep you out of the sun and rain; in addition we have large picnic tables throughout the facility.  We also have 3 charcoal grills that customers are free to take advantage of (notice is preferred, of course).

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