At CAPP we are so confident that you'll enjoy your experience that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We specialize in smiling faces and great memories-

That’s why if after your first game you decide that paintball isn’t for you, you can turn in your equipment and you won’t be charged! It’s that easy! In addition, if you’re part of a party and decide you don’t want to play, but you want to stick around, we’ll even offer you 2 free climbs on our climbing wall so you can occupy your time! There’s also the shooting gallery, where all you pay for is ammo, and of course you can still watch the games (all of our playing fields are 100% spectator friendly)! The CAPP guarantee is in place not because we have problems with people enjoying themselves at our facility, but because we are THAT confident that you will love every second of your experience!