Team Building Exercises at CAPP are about more than just fun- it's about constructive activity that brings your team closer! We have specialized game formats that build trust and communication skills while allowing for a physical release that is sure to put a smile on each participant!

Come at your convenience!

We understand that it is hard to pull away from work, but we make it worth it! You can set up an event any time- Day or Night, Weekday or Weekend!

Work within a budget!

Groups large and small enjoy our facility, and we make it easy with flexible pricing structures! CAPP offers discounted rates for large groups, so it’s easy to get the most for your money!

Enjoy yourselves in a fun, safe environment!

Our facility is conveniently located, easily accessible, and spectator friendly! And with our Low-Impact Paintballs, there’s no pain stigma so no need to leave anyone out!

Call us today to work out an exclusive deal for your team- Prices starting as low as $29.99/player!


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