Open Play at CAPP!

Standard Rental Package: $35/player

This is our basic Walk-In Player Package, which covers all the basic necessities for Open Play during our regular hours. This package includes all the necessary rental equipment (paintball gun setup, a full face mask, and an optional chest protector), 200 paintballs per player, and unlimited air tank refills. Select the Pre-Pay option when booking and get a $5/player discount!

Pre-Purchased Tickets: $27.50/player

If you were lucky enough to find some of our admission tickets through one of our fundraising partners, you’re in for some savings! As you know, these tickets cover admission and use of the rental equipment- paintballs and air are not included. This minimum purchase covers 500 paintballs per player and unlimited air tank refills. Reservations are required with these tickets!

We get a lot of calls asking if we allow Walk On Players… The answer is yes!

We see scores of walk on paintball players each weekend, with groups large and small. You don’ t have to make a reservation, but it is best to- You will save some money and time by booking online.

This group always has a healthy mix of all ages, from our minimum age of 6 all the way to their grand parents! If you have some of our admission tickets you will be automatically assigned to Open Play.

You don’t need a big group to book… you can book in for even just 1 person! We will mix you in with other players and our safety hosts will ensure that everyone stays safe and has a blast! 

It is important to note that we are a .50 cal – low impact facility. Sometimes when people ask about Walk On players, they are talking about the tournament style players who have their own equipment. We do not allow any 68 caliber guns, or outside ammo. This means that at CAPP you’ll be guaranteed a level playing field where ALL guests will have the same great experience!

Kids, Parents, Families – All Welcome!


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